Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

The #1 Selling Pellet Grill in the World

traeger grill

The Traeger Wood Pellet Grill is the newest way to cooking out. The Traeger Grill will bring you a unique grilling, smoking, baking, braising or barbequing experience all in one convenient grill. With 8 different pellet flavors available, your grill will bring a variety of flavors and cooking styles to your table.

The Traeger Grill brings you:

  • Taste – cooking with wood is a healthier, safer and tastier method than propane or charcoal.
  • Ease – the ability to auto-start, simple cleanup, care and storage.
  • Versatility – The convenience of a gas grill with the great taste of smokey BBQ
  • Convenience – Traeger offers a pellet grill (model – PTG “portable Traeger grill”) perfect for tailgating.
  • Safety – no more flame flare-ups with the Traegar