10 Tips for Prepping for a New Inground Pool Installation

10 Tips for Prepping for a New Inground Pool Installation

If happiness is a day by the pool, then unlimited happy days are headed your way! Here at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we are thrilled to be helping you fulfill all your pool dreams and create the perfect gathering place for your family. If you have a pool installation coming up within the next year or so, you should start preparing now. Here are 10 tips for prepping for a new inground pool installation. 

1. Consider Location

Location, location, location! You will be spending an abundance of time at your inground pool, so installing it in just the right spot is imperative. To be most satisfied with your pool location, consider things such as how the sun hits the pool at various times in the day, the proximity to trees that produce shade or falling leaves, and the line of sight from the pool to your house or to other homes. 

2. Contact your HOA and Homeowners Insurance Agency

This is an important pre-installation step. Now is the time to acquire a pool permit or receive HOA approval if it’s required for your area. Further, contact your homeowners insurance agency to discuss any necessary changes to your policy as a result of your inground pool addition. 

3. Prepare for Pool Maintenance

With a new inground pool comes a new routine to learn. Pool maintenance is necessary but doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We are happy to get you set up with all the needed equipment and supplies to help make ongoing pool maintenance a breeze, such as a pool cover, pool cleaner, and water testing and treatment components.

4. Choose Fun Additions

Before installation begins, decide if you will want any fun additions such as lights, a slide, diving board, or fountains. Contact us if you need help deciding on what works best for you.

5. Prepare Pool Safety

Without a doubt, this is a critical step to consider and take action on before your pool installation begins. Make pool safety a priority. Take the necessary steps to have a fence installed with a self latching gate as soon as the pool is completed. 

6. Consider Landscaping

Once your inground pool is installed, you will want to have sod and other landscaping repaired. While you wait for the installation to be complete, research what and where you’d like the landscaping alongside your new pool.

7. Decide on Pool Surroundings

Decking, stone pavers, and brushed concrete are all possible options for the walkways surrounding your inground pool. You can pick what works best to meet your family’s needs and desires.

8. Select Pool Accessories

What accessories complete your dream for family fun at the pool? Select any poolside furniture, pool toys, outdoor grill, and more that you want to enjoy.

9. Ask Questions

Preparing for inground pool ownership is an exciting time! You are bound to have many questions about the ins and outs of the process. We are ready to answer any and all questions you have to make this journey as enjoyable as possible. Ask away!

10. Get Ready for Fun Pool Days!

Congratulations on your coming pool! You will have endless wonderful memories with your family around the pool. Get ready—fun days are ahead!

Soon you will be enjoying long days by the pool and exchanging laughter with your loved ones. Consider these 10 tips for prepping for a new inground pool installation so you are all ready when the big day arrives. Contact Energy Center-Manhattan Pool for any questions or needs you might have in the process.


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