Take a Peek Under Your Pool Cover This Winter

Take a Peek Under Your Pool Cover This Winter

The once heavily used and maintained backyard now sits in winter stillness. Everything seems frozen in time, waiting for spring to bring life back. Your beautiful pool is now covered, seemingly hibernating while family time moves inside. In the quiet of winter, it’s important to remember the care that your pool still requires while it rests. For a successful spring opening, make sure you take a peek under your pool cover this winter, and give it the TLC it needs. Here are some tips to keep you away from an unpleasant surprise when the cover comes off for pool season.

How Is the Water Level Under Your Cover?

Taking a peek under your pool cover will help you determine what your current water level is. During the winter months, maintaining the proper water level in your pool is key for protecting automatic pool covers. If your water level is too low, the cover won’t have the proper support, and the weight of winter weather and debris can cause damage. Conversely, if the water level is too high water can get in the skimmer and cause freeze damage. Make sure your water level stays just below the skimmer during the winter months. 

Is Your Pool Cover Clean?

Speaking of debris, keeping your pool cover clean and free of accumulation is vital to the cover’s longevity and productivity. Not only does debris weigh down your cover, causing potential pooling if the water level is too high, but things like twigs can poke small holes in your cover. If your pool cover does become punctured this winter, there are patches available that will take care of the holes. A cover pump or sump pump will remove extra water and debris that settles onto your solid cover. If you have a mesh cover the water will freely flow through. 

Is the Pool Cover Tight?

A pool cover is only as good as it is tightly secured. Whether your cover is held tight by springs or straps, these elements can give way over time. To keep your pool in the best shape, pool cover springs should be about halfway expanded, and maintaining equal tension among them. Periodically check for gaps in the pool cover. Small gaps allow debris, and even small animals, to enter into the pool water. Checking under your pool cover will alert you to any items that need to be cleared out of the pool.

Is Your Water Balanced?

The good news is the temperature of your water during winter is keeping much from “growing” in your pool’s water. However, if your cover has shifted or contaminants have made their way into your water, it’s a good idea to check the chemistry. A quick water test and pool shock can keep you in a good position come spring. You should also keep chlorine in your pool to lessen the possibility of opening a green pool next swimming season.

Are You Needing Assistance?

At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we can assist you with all things winter pool care. Whether you need a new pool cover, pool chemicals, or pool maintenance, we can set you up with the best. If you take a peek under your pool cover this winter, and find a situation you weren’t expecting, give us a call! Our highly trained technicians will be happy to perform your winter pool service, so that you can focus on that warm fireplace inside. You’ll have no worries come spring, as your pool will be healthy and ready for a full summer of fun!

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