Frequently Asked Questions – Wood and Pellet Stove

Q. Why does my house fill up with smoke every time I try to light a fire?

stovesA. Often this is a cause of a cold chimney. Try taking a piece of newspaper and make a small “torch” out of it. Light the end and carefully place it near the top of your stove or near the damper. This will provide heat up the chimney to establish the initial draft needed for fire to take place.

Another option is that the chimney may be clogged with debris or build-up and need serviced.

Sometimes there may be a negative pressure situation in the house. Slightly open a window near stove to establish an initial fire.

Q. How often should I have my wood/pellet chimney swept and inspected?

faqA. Any chimney system serving a wood-burning appliance should be inspected annually.

Q. My wood really seems to sizzle and is difficult to burn, why is that?

faqA. The wood might not be fully cured or dried. Wood needs cut 18-20” length or less and if it is over 6” in diameter, split as well. After the wood is cut and split it needs to be stack off the ground and the top 12-18” covered and sit for nine to twelve months before coming near your stove or fireplace.

Q. The glass in my wood-burning stove keeps turning black when I burn a fire, what’s wrong?

faqA. Typically this is due to the stove being burned on too “low” of a setting. Try opening the air control up slightly until the fire tries to burn a little cleaner.

Another reason is this can also be due to wood not fully cured or dried. (see above.)

Lastly, sometimes the stove may be outdated. Technology has come a long way and if you stop by our showroom and look at our burn displays for comparison, today’s EPA-certified stoves burn very clean, use little fuel and have air wash technology to keep the glass clean.

Q. How do I clean the glass?

faqA. We recommend Hearth and Stove Cleaner from Speedy White. It is sold at our store and can’t be beat! Another option is to try a piece of newspaper, get it slightly wet and pick up some cool ashes out of the fireplace/stove. This option won’t work as well but can get you out in a pinch.

Q. What product do you recommend for lighting the fire?

A. We sell a wide variety of fire starters at the store, the most popular is our Dynamite. They all will speed up the process quite a bit saving you time and making it easier.

Gas Stove

Q. The fireplace/stove keeps shutting off randomly, is it my fault?

faqA. Probably not! Typically as units get some age to them or aren’t regularly maintained, sensors and other devices on the fireplace will wear. This can cause the fireplace to operate problematically. Typically if this is happening regularly you will need to call the store and setup a service call.

(Keep in mind if you use a thermostat to operate your appliance, check its setting. This is a common cause for random operation and is considered normal.)

Q. Do I need to have my gas fireplace/stove serviced?

faqA. Most owner’s manuals recommend servicing your fireplace/stove annually and we agree. This service will help to ensure your unit retains its beauty as well as reliability for the winter to come. This can be done either in the Spring to prepare for next year or in the Fall in preparation for the coming cold.

Q. Do you offer installation services?

faqA. Absolutely! We initially ask customers to come into the store to identify your likes and needs. If we need to do an on-site visit we will set that up in store and then schedule for install.