Should You Plan a “Polar Bear Plunge” in Your Pool?

Should You Plan a “Polar Bear Plunge” in Your Pool?

What on earth is a “Polar Bear Plunge”? We’re glad you asked! A Polar Bear Plunge is an event where participants willingly take a dive into a freezing body of water, long after swim season has ended (we’re talking New Year’s Day). The United States’ version of this long held tradition typically involves raising money for a charity, like the Special Olympics or the Make-A-Wish Foundation. However, as the tradition continues, many countries and participants are in it for the (dare we say) thrill of it. If you find yourself asking whether you should plan a Polar Bear Plunge in your pool, we have come up with a list of recommendations for this shockingly cool tradition, pun intended.

Prep Yo’Self

A Polar Bear Plunge dress rehearsal may seem like pouring salt on an open wound, but hear us out. Taking a practice plunge in your shower could prepare you for the sensation you may experience upon pool entry. Encourage your guests to jump in their freezing cold shower for 30 seconds. Prepare yourself for that breathtaking moment with a few practice rounds to have your nerves ready for the real plunge.

Dress the Part

You’re probably not going to want to wear sweatpants during the plunge. Though this may seem warm to start with, upon exiting that freezing cold water, you will be weighed down with frigid, heavy layers. The outdoor temperature, once you un-plunge, is more shocking than the cold water itself. Keep your clothing to a minimum (think normal swimming attire), so that you can bundle up quickly. You might consider a swim cap to protect your hair from frost. Some plungers go all out with costumes, so when planning your Polar Bear Plunge, give your attendees some attire suggestions. 

Make It Quick

A Polar Bear Plunge need not turn into a polar bear adventure. Though we’re certain you won’t be too tempted to mingle, keep your guests time in the water under a few minutes. Though lengthy exposure to cold water can pose certain certain health risks, hypothermia is HIGHLY unlikely if your romp in freezing cold water lasts less than 30 minutes. Get them in and out, and into warm, dry clothes. A nice touch would be having fresh-out-of-the-dryer towels ready for your guests. 

Keep It Fun

Now that your friends and family jumped into your frigid pool, and survived, make sure to throw a stellar after party! Perhaps you’re planning this plunge as a New Years celebration. Or, maybe you have a certain charity in mind that you’d like to raise money for, like the Ronald McDonald House of Northeast Kansas. Regardless of why you’re subjecting your loved ones to the coldest swim of their lives in good fun, a well planned party will have them coming back year after year. Warm beverages, toasty snacks, a bubbly hot tub – who wouldn’t take the plunge?!?

Let Us Help

Because you’ve most likely winterized your pool, your Polar Bear Plunge will require quick maintenance to remove the pool cover, check and balance the water chemistry, and remove any debris. Our technicians are standing by to make this part of your event planning a breeze. We can have your pool winter plunge ready in no time! At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we encourage you to Come Find Your Gathering Place. This winter, we’re excited to see pictures of your friends finding their gathering place at an epic Polar Bear Plunge in your pool!

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