Our Pool Service Department Has You Covered

Offering Quality Pool Service for Manhattan, Wamego, Junction City & surrounding areas

swimming pool service

At Energy Center – Manhattan Pool, we know that being a pool owner can be frustrating when you don’t have the right resources. Our Pool Service Department works with pool owners just like you to make pool ownership easy. From sourcing parts to testing your water and advising you on chemicals and chemistry issues, our goal is to educate and assist in every phase of pool ownership so that you can get the most value and enjoyment from your in-ground or above ground swimming pool.

Pool School

We host regular pool school classes to walk new pool owners through the basics of pool maintenance, cleaning and water chemistry. We show you how to test and treat your water, how to operate and maintain your equipment, how to clean your pool and how to maintain a clean and healthy swimming environment.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Whether you own an in-ground or above ground pool, regular maintenance and cleaning is required to keep the water clean and safe for swimmers. For pool owners who don’t have the time to care for their pools themselves, we offer pool cleaning and maintenance services. From seasonal services like pool openings and closings to routine maintenance like water testing and balancing, vacuuming, and surface brushing- our pool service technicians are factory trained and qualified to keep your pool running efficiently and looking its best.

Plumbing and Equipment Repair

As a warranty station for Pentair, Hayward, and Polaris, we are fully qualified to handle all of your equipment repairs and part replacements, as well as any plumbing repairs you may have. Our technicians are factory trained by all of the major brands and participate in ongoing education to stay current on the latest pool technology.

Pool Restoration and Remodels

Ready to modernize your old pool? Our team of seasoned pool experts will work with you to restore and renovate your existing pool, from cosmetic repairs and changes to resurfacing and replacing vinyl liners. Don’t settle for an outdated pool that no longer meets your needs. Let us help you achieve the pool of your dreams! We also offer vinyl liner repair and replacement services.

Pool Leak Detection and Repair

Is your pool losing water? You may have a leak. Contact our service department to speak with one of our technicians. They’ll walk you through a few basic tests you can do yourself to determine if your water loss is caused by a leak. If you suspect you have a leak, our leak detection expert will use a variety of methods to locate and remediate your pool leak.