Make your Hot Tub into the Cool Zone

Make your Hot Tub into the Cool Zone

Did you know that the hottest place to relax can be the coolest spot at your home? A variety of features and accessories add a flare that will make your hot tub the cool zone.

Take the Temp from Hot to Cold and Back

Ask about temperature control systems that make sure your hot tub is perfect even on warm summer days. Most hot tub users keep the water temperature between 100- and 104-degrees Fahrenheit. But, you can adjust those temperatures to the degree most comfortable for you. Ask the experts at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool about the CoolZone® system that allows you to heat and cool your hot tub. Adjusting the temperature is definitely a way to turn your hot tub into a cool zone!

Light up the Cool Zone

Vibrant lighting on the inside and outside of your hot tub adds to the ambiance and cool zone environment. A variety of soothing colors create the ideal setting for a therapeutic experience. Lighting can be personalized, and controls allow you to choose the color or colors that best reflect the mood of the day. Set the tone for a relaxing soak with soft blue lighting or a happy, feel-good vibe with bright yellow. Maybe the music is turned up and the mood calls for a variety of changing colors. It’s up to you! 

Accessorize the Cool Zone

Adding those extra accessories step up any hot tub to the cool zone. Making sure there is a place for all the essentials is a must. There are built-in cup holders to trays designed to attach to the side of the hot tub or saddle on the rim. Trays hold drinks, books, cards, whatever you need handy while you sit back enjoy your hot tub. Make sure to include tables and baskets to hold towels, shoes, electronic devices, and snacks. There are umbrellas to provide extra shade and handrails for easy access. And, what about wireless Bluetooth audio and video and a waterfall feature?

You can have it all to make your hot tub the cool zone. Come find your gathering place!

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