Low-Impact Exercises to Try in Your Pool

Low-Impact Exercises to Try in Your Pool

Your pool is a great place for fun and relaxation. Did you know it’s also a great place to exercise? 

According to shape.com, water or aquatic exercise engages more muscles and burns more calories in a shorter amount of time compared to other types of exercise. It’s also easier on the body! Per the Mayo Clinic, exercising in the water is considered a low-impact activity that takes the pressure off your joints. There is a natural resistance from the water that acts as weights strengthening your muscles.  

There are a variety of exercises to improve your health. Here are some low-impact exercises to try in your pool.

Low-impact cardio exercise

In waist-deep water, walk across the pool. You can walk as you normally would on land or, step it up a bit by jogging. You can use water joggers – flotation type accessories – that keep you afloat while jogging in deep water. The high-intensity movement can burn up to 17 more calories per minute than jogging on land. 

Take it up a notch by adding some jumping jacks. This will get your heart rate up without the pounding from jumping on solid ground. The water provides resistance, making it a great exercise for cardio and strength. 

Low-impact strength exercises

Strengthen your arms with arm lifts. With your arms underwater, curl your arms at the elbows. Use the resistance of the water as you straighten your arms, lift, and lower. 

For the legs, hold on to the side of the pool and kick your legs as you would when swimming. You could also try high knee lifts and knee extensions. 

Just move

Movement is key to a healthy lifestyle. Make the most of your pool by taking advantage of the health benefits it provides. There are a variety of aquatic workouts found online and through social media. Look for some low-impact exercises to try in your pool, then create a routine that works for you! Whether it’s swimming laps, treading water, or doing an aquatic exercise routine, your pool is a great place for a low-impact workout. 

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