Landscaping Tips Around an Above Ground Pool

Landscaping Tips Around an Above Ground Pool

When adding an above ground pool to your backyard, the landscaping you choose can help you make your new pool your own. From pavement to plants, there are many things to consider when choosing landscaping. Here are some of our favorite landscaping tips around an above ground pool.

Choosing the Perfect Surround

Your pool area isn’t finished once the pool is in your backyard; you will also need something around it. Typically, pool owners choose a wood deck or concrete patio. As long as they’re treated with a slip-resistant coating, either wood or concrete is a great option for surrounding your pool. The flat surfaces are easy on bare feet, and the slip resistance keeps children safe.

However, another option is to surround your pool with gravel. Gravel looks great around any shape or size of pool and requires less space than wood or concrete. Plus, you can even add plants in the gravel for some subtle beauty. Lack of a deck or patio doesn’t limit your pool ability either—you can get into the pool either with stairs or a ladder. Just be careful getting in and out of the pool because gravel isn’t quite as kind to bare feet.

Picking the Perfect Plants

Nothing says summer like some plants around your pool. However, when it comes to pool landscaping, not all plants are created equal. There are some plants you want to avoid, and some plants that are the perfect fit.

Don’t choose fragrant plants like lavender or other flowering plants. These plants may be beautiful and smell lovely, but they attract bugs. And nothing is worse than bugs flying in your face while you’re trying to relax in the pool. Instead, choose fragrant plants like citronella. While they may not smell quite as nice, they are natural bug repellents, providing a better pool experience.

Don’t choose prickly plants like roses. While pretty and classic, these blooms can be a safety hazard. Instead, choose a non-prickly plant. There are plenty to choose from that will be just as lovely, like the pink flowers in the image above.

Don’t choose trees, if you want easy pool maintenance. While we would all love the shade of a tree by our pool, the choice comes with the annoyance of having to constantly sweep out leaves. However, if you’re set on having a tree by your pool, be sure to avoid fruit trees. Fruit trees are more likely to damage your pool, and could even stain it. Instead, choose shrubs or other short plants that provide a similar aesthetic but won’t drop leaves in your pool.

Finding the Perfect Pool Dealer

When it comes to choosing the perfect pool and landscaping, you can’t go wrong with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. For the past 20 years, we have been committed to serving our community and helping our neighbors find the best pool for them. Plus, we can help you with landscaping tips around an above ground pool. We work with local landscapers to ensure the best quality landscaping for your pool. Come Find Your Gathering Place today at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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