What Are My Landscaping Options Around My Swimming Pool?

What Are My Landscaping Options Around My Swimming Pool?

How can you turn a simple, lackluster backyard pool space into something full of life and Pinterest-worthy? The answer lies in your swimming pool landscaping. Just as icing can turn the cake into a work of art, so it is with landscaping and your pool. With that in mind, you may like to know, What are my landscaping options around my swimming pool?” You can utilize many stunning landscaping options to enhance your pool area. The best landscaping around swimming pools for you hinges on what you’d like your landscape design to accomplish. Here are three ways to make use of swimming pool landscaping. 

Landscape for Leisure

Your swimming pool is for your leisure and enjoyment. The space surrounding it can be used to further that purpose! Add landscaping that makes your pool more calming and inviting to you. What landscaping would make you feel at peace and relaxed? For some, that may be incorporating beautiful flowers or fragrant plants. It may be planting tropical plants for an oasis-like feel to your pool. Or, prevent pesky insects from disrupting your pool relaxation by incorporating plants that naturally repel insects, such as lavender. 

Landscaping for Privacy

It’s nice to enjoy your pool without onlooking neighbors watching your every move. Privacy allows you to completely relax and feel at peace. With the right landscaping, you can create privacy around your pool. Strategically placed shrubs, bushy evergreen trees, and sprawling vines can shield your space from watchful eyes and give you the privacy you desire.

Landscape for Shade

The summer sun and rising temperatures can make spending time by the pool uncomfortable at times, to put it mildly. Don’t let sweat and sunburn define your time at your pool. Create shade near your pool with well-maintained trees or shrubbery. Incorporate vines growing up a trellis or pergola for shaded relief. Just be careful not to shade your pool too much or it could affect the water temperature. Make pool time cooler and a more relaxing day with a shade-forming landscape design. 

Landscaping for Flair

Landscaping goes far beyond the practical functions of leisure, privacy, and shade. Landscaping can also add charisma and flair to your pool area. Add show-stopping plants, flowers, and trees to create a fun aesthetic in your backyard. Include a rock garden or water feature nearby that makes for a stunning visual centerpiece. The simple addition of string lights can transform your pool area into a magical place at night time. (Just be sure not to have lights cross over the water for safety reasons.) A more unique option is to use well-groomed turf around your pool in place of a concrete or wooden deck. Complete your pool design with a fire pit and comfortable outdoor seating.

The right landscaping can transform a backyard pool into a destination. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we want your backyard space to be just what you dream! Give us a call to help with backyard design or build your dream pool. Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. Contact us today to get started!

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