Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter?

Is Your Hot Tub Ready for Winter?

While hot tubs are excellent to use all year long, there is just something magical about soaking in the warm waters of your spa during wintertime in Kansas. With winter quickly approaching, now is the time for spa owners to get everything in order. Is your hot tub ready for winter? Prepare for cold weather hot tub use with these tips.

Drain and Refill Your Water

Your hot tub water should be drained and refilled every three to four months which makes the changing of seasons a great reminder to do so. Additionally, doing so before winter is a good idea since spa use increases for many people and you don’t want to be doing it after the temperatures are frigid outside. 

First, add a line flush cleaner to the spa water to clean the plumbing and inner workings of your spa. Then circulate the water for several hours or even overnight. Then completely drain the water in your spa.

Give Your Spa a Scrub a Dub Dub

Once your hot tub is drained, scrub the interior using a hot tub cleaner and a nonabrasive towel or sponge. The goal is to remove any build-up from biofilm, algae, or other formations. Once you are finished with a thorough cleaning, rinse well and drain the rinse water. Before refilling your spa, be sure to also clean or replace your spa filters using a filter cleaner. 

Inspect Everything for Soundness

It’s also a good idea to check all spa components for soundness. Inspect the shell, filter, exterior, jets, and more for cracks, unusual stains, and other defects or inefficiencies. Also, inspect your hot tub cover for cracks, water logging, or sagging materials. Catching and addressing concerns early can help prevent larger problems and possibly save your costly repairs. 

Stock Up On Spa Chemicals

Stop by Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to grab the chemicals you’ll need for winter spa season. Our team of spa experts can help you find the best chemicals to meet your needs. You can also bring in a sample of your hot tub water anytime for a free computerized water test to help identify your water’s chemical needs. 

Grab Your Hot Tub Accessories

Start the season off with fun new hot tub accessories! Stop by our Manhattan store to see our selection of accessories for both spa safety and fun. Choose from handrails, drink trays, cover lifters, steps, and more! 

Invite Your Loved Ones!

The only thing left to do is enjoy and share with your loved ones! This winter, invite your friends and family over to soak and relax with you. You could host a holiday hot tub party, catch up with friends one-on-one, or share a hot tub date with your spouse this winter.

In addition to seasonal preparedness, it is also critical to keep up with your ongoing spa maintenance and water care. Want to learn more about owning and enjoying a hot tub? Check out our ultimate guide to hot tub enjoyment. Contact our team with your hot tub questions or concerns. You can also stop by to learn about our selection of new spas. We look forward to hearing from you! Happy winter hot tubbing from Energy Center-Manhattan Pool!

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