How to Be Crowned the Summer Grill King

How to Be Crowned the Summer Grill King

Let’s be honest – summer grilling is a competitive sport. Everyone in the neighborhood who throws a barbecue wants to be known as the grill master. But without the right knowledge and equipment, many of them will never reach such great heights. Here are some tips for you to learn how to be crowned the Summer Grill King this summer:

Use the Right Tools

If you really want to grill like the masters, you need the right grill. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we carry the best grills in the industry to keep you grilling to perfection every time. From Napoleon Gas Grills, Big Green Egg grills, Traeger Grills, to Smokin’ Brothers, our high-quality grill selection has the perfect choice for any barbecue king. With some of our fine grills, you can master grilling, smoking, baking, braising and barbecuing all in one. If you really want to be the Summer Grill King, you need a top of the line grill from Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

Recipes for Success

Now that you have the right grill, you need the right recipes. Whether it’s your grandfather’s smoked brisket or a recipe you found online, keep some tried-and-true grilling recipes handy so you know you’re always going to be a crowd pleaser. Try making your own special barbecue sauce to add some unique flavor to your meals.

Presentation is Key

If you want to grill like a true professional, master the art of grill marks. If you keep turning steak over and over, you’ll never achieve a nice grill mark. Time your grilling so that once you flip the food it already has that perfect grill mark on the bottom. That will make for a much nicer presentation that’s sure to impress your friends.

Clean Your Grill with a Coffee Bath

An easy way to clean your grill is using a coffee bath. Simply pour a pot of coffee into a basin and soak your grill grates for about an hour. The acidic coffee will remove grease from your grill easily and without any intense scrubbing or chemicals. Once the grates are soaked long enough, give them a quick scrub and rinse with water for a new-looking grill.

If you practice these tips, along with some trial-and-error experimentation, you’ll be crowned the Summer Grill King in no time. Don’t be afraid to fail – the best grill masters know that failure leads to perfection. And once you’re the King, don’t forget to be humble to all of your loyal subjects.


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