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Upgrade your wood fireplace’s efficiency with wood inserts, transforming it into a more heat-efficient and visually appealing centerpiece. Wood inserts offer options that can protrude on the hearth or maintain a flush, fireplace-like appearance, catering to diverse preferences. These units, available in steel, cast iron, or soapstone, come equipped with blowers for enhanced heating and can ensure warmth even during occasional power outages.
Similar to wood stoves, wood inserts provide versatility in material choices, allowing homeowners to select the one that suits their style and heating needs. Considerations for the fireplace opening’s limitations are essential, and a quick measurement of the firebox opening helps you choose the most fitting unit. A surround further conceals the gap between the fireplace opening and the insert, creating a seamless integration. During installation, each wood insert is lined with a stainless steel liner, extending the full length of the existing flue. For masonry fireplaces, the liner is wrapped with ceramic insulation, ensuring optimal performance and safety. We’re happy to conduct site visits to finalize the unit selection, ensuring a perfect fit and efficient operation. Upgrade your fireplace with a wood insert, combining warmth, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal in one delightful package.

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Large Flush NexGen-Fyre Rectangular
Medium Flush NexGen-Fyre Arched
Medium Flush NexGen-Fyre Rectangular
Regency Alterra CI1150 Wood Insert
Regency Cascades I1500 Wood Insert
Regency Cascades I2500 Wood Insert
Regency Classic I1150 Wood Insert
Regency Classic I2450 Wood Insert
Regency Pro-Series CI2700 Wood Insert

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