What Happens if We Run into Groundwater or Bedrock During My Pool Installation?

What Happens if We Run into Groundwater or Bedrock During My Pool Installation?

When you’re dreaming about that first swim in a new inground pool, you don’t want anything to slow down the pool installation process. However, pool building problems can occur at times. Two of the most common pool building problems are when we encounter groundwater or large rocky sub-terrain during excavation. So, what happens if we run into groundwater or bedrock during my pool installation? It’s no sweat for Energy Center-Manhattan Pool! Keep reading to learn more. 

Encountering Excessive Groundwater During Pool Installation

When pool installation takes place in an area that is below the water table, it is natural for groundwater to puddle up. In small or large quantities, groundwater can pose a problem if not addressed. While we cannot stop mother nature from seeping water into this area, our goal is not to stop it but to control it and its effects.

One way to deal with this pool building problem is to install a submersed pump drain system, sometimes also called a sump pump. To do so, our pool installation team will dig around 12 inches deeper than the desired pool depth. In this extra space, we will install the sump pump that will remove groundwater buildup as it occurs. 

Another option is to install a hydrostatic valve release in your pool. With this option, groundwater may gather under your pool after installation is complete, but the hydrostatic valve releases any pressure that could cause damage to your pool. It is also very important to never let your pool sit empty to prevent the groundwater pressure from lifting your pool out of the ground. 

When There’s Large Bedrock in the Way of Pool Installation 

Using various professional tools, such as Riley County’s GIS Systems Viewer and land observation, we can have a good idea of what type of soil we will encounter before digging begins. If we expect to encounter large rocks or if we meet them by surprise, pool installation is still possible. With the help of some heavy machinery and a well-designed strategy, we can remove the rocks and install your pool as planned. Just keep in mind that this additional step can add to your pool build’s cost and time frame. 

Work with a Pool Building Expert

It’s just a fact in the industry: problems can arise when building a pool. But, what is more important than the problem is who you hire to navigate through the problem. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we have been in the pool building industry since 1970. Further, we are Certified Pool Builders through the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. When we install your pool, it will be completed by highly skilled craftsmen with quality and integrity. 


At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we will do what it takes to help you get the backyard pool of your dreams. Contact us to learn more about our expert pool building process and how to reserve your place on our installation calendar for the upcoming year. Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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