Grill Frequently Asked Questions

Gas, Charcoal & Pellet Grill & Smoker Information

We are proud to offer the Big Green Egg, Traeger Wood Pellet, Louisiana Grills and Ace of Hearts barbeque grills. Every customer enjoys our grill selection because we are able to fit their lifestyles, whether it is a weekend event or a nightly occurrence. Our variety starts with exceptional cart grills, to built-in grills, to full outdoor bars and kitchens. The possibilities are endless!

Assembly is provided with purchases of all grills. Also we carry many grilling accessories including spices, rubs, seasonings, and tools for all your grilling needs.

Q. How long do pellets last in my new Traeger/Louisiana?

faqA. This will depend on what temperature you are cooking at and a few other things but usually you should hope for about 5-15 hours on a 20lb. bag.

If you love math wood pellets produce approximately 8500BTU/lb/hour. This means a 20lb. bag will produce 170,000BTU.

Q. What maintenance do I need to do to my pellet grill?

faqA. The great thing about pellet grills is they don’t need much to maintain them. The biggest thing that is overlooked is cleaning out the burn pot. This will keep your grill running strong.

Q. HELP! My GFCI keeps tripping with my pellet grill just a few minutes after turning it on.

faqA. This can be frustrating but it is almost always an easy fix. Typically if this happens near the first few minutes of start-up it is a bad igniter. Please come by the store and we will get you a replacement as we keep them in stock.

Q. Why should I use lump charcoal in my grill?

faqA. Lump charcoal is 100% natural, chemical-free and will burn hotter, longer and cleaner than any other briquette on the market. Also it’s good to mention that it is REUSABLE!