Give the Gift of a Grill

Give the Gift of a Grill

Christmas is fast approaching. Are you looking for a spectacular surprise? At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool we have a spectacular selection of grills. Give the gift of a grill this Christmas to your favorite grillmaster. We carry three outstanding brands (Napoleon, Big Green Egg, and Smokin’ Brothers), and we have so many options.

Give the Gift of a Grill – Napoleon Gas Grills

A special feature of the Napoleon Gas Grills is that you can insert a charcoal tray. Some prefer the distinct flavor that charcoal gives. Napoleon grills have the conveniences of a gas grill but still give that charcoal flavor. These grills come in a wide variety of sizes. Napoleon has grills that can be built into an outdoor kitchen, free-standing grills, as well as portable grills.

These corn fritters would be a great Christmas dinner side dish if you let the grillmaster open his present a little early.

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is more than just a grill. It keeps all of the heat trapped inside and cooks evenly, allowing you to grill, smoke, or bake. It is a charcoal grill and once the charcoal has been lit, no more has to be added.

A Big Green Egg works like a brick oven, after inserting the convector. Put the cooking grid on top of the convector and bring your grill up to the desired temperature. Use a pizza stone for baking in the Big Green Egg. Things bake at the same temperature in a Big Green Egg that they would in the oven.

This pistachio pudding cake would be a great complement to your Christmas dinner, or you could have it for New Year’s Eve instead if the grillmaster must wait to open his present on Christmas day.

Smokin’ Brothers

Smokin’ Brothers pellet grills can be used for smoking and grilling. A variety of different pellets can be purchased to give your meat the desired flavor—apple, hickory, cherry, mesquite—just to name a few. Smokin’ Brothers grills, American-made in Missouri, have their own rubs and BBQ sauce. This all started as a result of a BBQ competition in Missouri. They also have their own line of pure wood pellets. Mix the different types of pellets together to create the desired flavor.

Are you looking for the perfect turkey recipe? Ryan’s brine turkey is sure to be a crowd-pleaser any time of year.


Grill accessories are a great idea for stocking stuffers. For instance, an injection kit is fantastic for getting those flavors inside the meat. A basting brush helps you add extra flavor on the outside of your food. A pizza peel and a BBQ mitt work wonders for removing items from the grill. And a Smokin’ Brothers rubs or sauces would be ideal stocking stuffers. Which items does your grillmaster need?

If you live in the Manhattan area, please contact Energy Center-Manhattan Pool today to get your grill in time for Christmas. Give the gift of a grill and the whole family will benefit! Come find your gathering place at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.


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