Fornetto Wood Fired Oven & Smoker

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In one word – Delicious! Whether making pizzas from scratch or making frozen pizzas more enticing when the crust bakes with just that perfect amount of crispness and wood fired taste. The Fornetto wood-fired smoker oven will bring dinner to the next level; with this new outdoor addition your recipe selection will branch out to different and exciting dinner choices. One customer shared it brought the family closer as they made dinner together. Invite your friends over and throw a pizza pary! Made from lasting materials and a sleek design will make it an attractive feature for backyard entertainment for many years to come. Fornetto offers quality inside and out, a stainless steel oven interior, separate fire chamber and solid cast iron doors. Every aspect has been considered and optimized for the ultimate grilling, smoking, and baking experience. Create an outdoor kitchen by adding storage drawers, cabinets, a sink or maybe a beer tap.

Fornetto also offers premium hardwood lump charcoal made in Paraguay from Quebracho hardwood trees. You will find this charcoal to be 100% natural hardwood free of chemical additives and debris. Because it is quality hardwood it will burn clearner, more efficient, and longer. Fornetto also offers smoking chips sourced from old oak barrels once used to produce finest red wine and cognac in European wineries. With these Fornetto accessories you will indulge all of your senses.

Take the heat outside this summer with your new Fornetto wood-fired oven and smoker or relax around your Fornetto on cooler evenings when you really don’t want to be indoors.