Fantastic Fall Activities for Outdoor and Indoor Enthusiasts

Fantastic Fall Activities for Outdoor and Indoor Enthusiasts

Fall is in the air. How are you planning to enjoy that cool fall weather? At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we have some great ideas for you. Here are some fantastic fall activities for outdoor and indoor enthusiasts. 

Fantastic Fall Activities

Raking Leaves 

Raking leaves can be a great family activity. Make it into a contest. See which team can get the biggest pile of leaves. Then, enjoy jumping in those big piles. 

If your yard does not have many leaves, you could plan a fun scavenger hunt out in the yard instead. Place your clues around the yard—one near the fire pit, one under the patio furniture, one beside the hot tub, one by the pool, etc. It could be searching for things that you can find in nature, or you could place things in the yard that are to be found with a clue for each one. You could also enjoy some apple cider and pumpkin bread while you are at it. 

Recipes for Fall

Enjoy some outdoor fun around the grill. Are you running out of ideas to try on the grill? Try these out-of-the-box grill recipes to switch things up this fall. You can prepare just about anything on the grill—appetizers, entrees, and even desserts! Rake those leaves and enjoy the tantalizing aromas coming from your Big Green Egg. From bread to bacon, macaroni and cheese to chili, and donut pudding to french toast, some spectacular dishes can be produced on the grill. 

If you are not going to be home when you need to start grilling, check out these tips for the Smokin Brothers Que View Controller. You can start your grill with the click of a button on your cell phone. The wood pellet grills add a great flavor to whatever you are grilling. Smokin Brothers offers an upgrade kit if your current grill is not equipped with the Que View Controller. 

Napoleon Gas Grills are another great choice. You can grill your whole meal at once! Enjoy some new recipes with the family. Napoleon Gas Grills are made in North America and have a fantastic warranty. The rotisserie kit is a handy addition to your grill. 

If you are looking for grills in the Manhattan area, look no further! Energy Center-Manhattan Pool carries three great grill brands—Big Green Egg, Smokin Brothers, and Napoleon Gas Grills.

Reminiscing Around an Outdoor Fire Table

Fire pits are fun.

Make some s’mores over the fire pit.

Break out the graham crackers, chocolate & marshmallows for s’mores, hot chocolate, and stories around the fire pit. So many things can be passed onto the next generation when people just sit and listen. The Elementi™ Boulder Fire Table is a great selection for fall gatherings. 

To get everyone involved, have the group sit in a circle using your patio furniture. Then, go around the circle having each person share a memory. Once you make it all the way around the circle, everyone will probably want to keep going. One day, you’ll have all of these wonderful memories to reflect on. You will be thankful for the time spent with family around the fire pit.

Resting by the Fireplace Indoors

Fantastic Fireplace setting

Enjoy some cozy fall activities around the fire.

Indoor fun can be centered around the fireplace. Are you thinking about adding a fireplace? Now is the time! Get your name on the list at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool before we are booked up for the rest of the year. If you purchase an energy-efficient fireplace or even a wood or pellet stove, you can get a tax credit. The wood and pellet stoves are a great way to heat your home. 

You can even create some fun fall crafts as you sit around the fireplace. Fall has so many directions you can go with decorations—apples, acorns, colorful leaves, pumpkins, etc. 

Or, you could break out the board games. That’s another great activity to enjoy while staying warm and cozy by the fire. 

Movie night in front of the fireplace is always a big hit. Get that popcorn ready!

Teaching Fireplace Safety

This fall, teach your children how to safely light a fireplace. Children will remember activities around the fireplace for years to come. Make sure that your children know that they should never try to light the fireplace without an adult present. Show them how to do it several times before you let them try. Maybe they are not quite old enough to try lighting the fireplace yet, but you can give them jobs to make them feel included, like packing wood. Always explain what you are doing, and let them learn from watching you. Lighting a wood fireplace may need to wait until they are a bit older, but you can teach them valuable lessons and make memories until then.

Relaxation in a Sauna

Enclosed sauna

Let that stress melt away in the sauna.

Another fun indoor activity is the sauna. Saunas have so many health benefits. A sauna is a great way for healthy people to strengthen their immune systems. A sauna causes you to sweat which helps to draw out toxins from your body. You can also burn calories in the sauna, especially right after a workout. Saunas are beneficial for those with allergies too. Spending time in the sauna even helps you sleep better. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool has a great selection of Finnleo® saunas to choose from. 

The hot tub is another great outdoor activity. Check out these tips on how to spice up your date night with a hot tub. Relaxing in the hot tub is a calming way to spend the evening after a long day. Energy Center-Manhattan Pool carries a wide variety of Hot Spring® Spas and Fantasy® Spas. InSPAration® aromatherapy and bluetooth audio speakers help you set the mood. Special lighting or a fire pit add to the ambiance. 

If you are thinking about adding some new features to your home, HFS Financial is happy to help you finance your Energy Center-Manhattan Pool purchases. 

We hope you enjoy these fantastic fall activities for outdoor and indoor enthusiasts. Whatever activity you decide upon, enjoy time spent with family. For those in the Wamego, Manhattan, and Junction City tri-county area, come find your gathering place at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool!

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