Dress Up Your Hot Tub for Halloween

Dress Up Your Hot Tub for Halloween

You’ve googled all of the family costume ideas you can think of and the orange colored candy is popping up in droves at the grocery store. This can only mean one thing – it’s almost time for Halloween! With all the festive decor available, have you ever thought about dressing up the hot tub?! It’s a fun and easy way to take the holidays to the next level. If you’re throwing a monster mash bash, break out the spooky tunes, grab the ghoulish snacks, and let’s make your hot tub the main attraction. Here are some fun ways to dress up your hot tub for Halloween!

Witchy Water

Is your hot tub water looking a little… scary? We’re not going for THAT kind of spooky. With your Halloween party coming up, it’s a good time to do a little hot tub maintenance. Check those pH levels and clean the filter. If it has been over four months since you’ve drained and refilled your spa, now is a great time. Contact us at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool if you need some help with the maintenance. We are happy to assist!

Bloody Bath

Now that your hot tub is clean and fresh, let’s dress it up. Use those LED lights to your benefit! Light the tub up red, add some plastic bones to float around, and you’ve got yourself a bloody bath. Use some fake blood to create footprints leading away from your hot tub for an extra creepy feel. You can even set out some white towels for your guests with fake blood drops on them! 

Creepy Cauldron 

Adding a fog machine, and cranking up the water temp will turn your hot tub into a brewing cauldron. Purple LED lights will be a great addition. Glue a few pool noodles together from the summer, wrap them in black paper, and connect to either side of your hot tub like a cauldron handle. Add some fake cobwebs to the spa steps, set a few witch’s hats around, and your guests will be talking about your creepy cauldron for many holidays to come!

Autumnal Agua

The spooks of Halloween not really your thing? Dress that hot tub up with the beauty of fall! Pumpkins and mums add so much festivity. Did you know we carry InSPAration aromatherapy drops for your hot tub at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool? InSPAration has a holiday series pumpkin pie fragrance! Hang some outdoor string lights around your spa, and there you have it – a beautiful autumnal escape.


Throwing a pumpkin carving contest? Let your hot tub be the star! Create a “Jack-o-Lantub” by cutting out large eyes, a nose, and a mouth from black cardboard to attach to the front of your hot tub. Place your carved pumpkins around the perimeter of the tub, or on the stairs. It’s also a great time to use those InSPAration pumpkin pie aromatherapy drops! You can even set those small plastic jack-o-lantern buckets afloat in the tub, with a battery powered tea light inside. 

However freaky or festive you choose to dress up your hot tub for Halloween, we hope you all have a happy, safe and memory-filled season. With winter approaching, remember that we are just a phone call away for any winterization services you may need. At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we consider you part of the family, and look forward to serving you. Come Find Your Gathering Place.  


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