Cleaning and Prepping Your Patio Furniture for Spring

Cleaning and Prepping Your Patio Furniture for Spring

Nearly everyone in Kansas is ready for warmer weather and long, sunny days! Before we know it, spring will be here! While we wait out the last few weeks of winter, now is a good time to get ready for spring activities. One way to do so is cleaning and prepping your patio furniture for spring. Caring for your outdoor furniture not only makes it look great, it increases its longevity and use. Here are some ways to do so.

Clean Your Patio Furniture’s Cushions For Spring

The first step is to do a thorough cleaning on any cushions or fabric slings. Often an outdoor sectional couch or patio chairs will have comfy cushions. If the cushion covers can be removed, take them off and wash them. Be sure to review and follow the manufacturer cleaning guide and (air dry only!)

If the covers are not removable, fill a bucket of warm water and diluted detergent. Then use a rag to scrub the cushions. Scrub in a circular motion to dislodge any debris and fully clean your cloth. After scrubbing your fabric cushions, take a hose and thoroughly spray it down. Do so until there are no more suds or visible debris. 

If you find there is mold on any of your fabric, don’t panic! Use a diluted bleach mix and rag to scrub the molded area. Then be sure to fully cleanse the area with water, washing away all the mold and bleach mix.

Clean Your Patio Furniture’s Frame for Spring

In addition to the fabric, your patio furniture’s frame needs to be cleaned as well. Patio furniture is made with a variety of materials, and therefore the methods for clearing them can vary. For example, a patio chaise lounge may be cleaned differently than an outdoor dining set. Here are some guidelines as you clean.

Wicker Patio Furniture

Patio furniture made from wicker can be cleaned with a soft bristle brush and warm soapy water. Use the brush to get any debris or dirt lodged in the grooves of the wicker. When finished scrubbing, hose off the furniture well.

Wooden Patio Furniture

If your patio furniture is made of wood, such as teak or pine, you want to be a little more gentle when cleaning. You can still use a soft-bristled brush but pair with just warm water or a very mild soap. 

Metal Patio Furniture

Cleaning your metal patio furniture is simple. With warm soapy water and a rag, scrub from top to bottom. A rag will be better suited for cleaning a metal frame to prevent any scuff marks.

Prep Your Patio Furniture for Spring

After cleaning your patio furniture, there are ways to prepare it for use and give it a fresh look. If your furniture is wood, you can apply a sealant that will protect it from water, oils, and even sun exposure. If needed, you can sand and restain your wood to give a fully renewed look and feel. For metal furniture, seal any spots with chipped paints or large scratches to prevent oxidation. Then you can apply wax to the metal to protect it and make it look great.

Now that you’re finished cleaning and prepping your patio furniture for spring, you’re ready to start enjoying the warm weather! Just add a few decorative pillows, fresh flowers, and invite your friends over.

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