Checking on Your Pool Cover this Fall

Checking on Your Pool Cover this Fall

Fall is finally here, which means it’s time to start getting your pool ready to close for the winter. One thing you’ll want to do as you start thinking about closing your pool is check on your pool cover. 

Over the winter, your pool cover can get filled with water and covered with debris. Make sure to regularly check on your pool cover throughout the winter to make sure it is clean and taut. With just a little bit of time and attention, your pool will be well protected for the winter!

Here are some tips for checking on your pool cover:

Keep it Clean

Clean around your pool cover and remove any leaves that get stuck between the cover and the straps. Also, clean off any leaves, sticks or other debris that pile up. You can use a leaf blower or gently use your pool brush to clean the debris off.

Check for Holes

Sometimes your pool cover might get holes in it from normal wear and tear. If this happens, use a safety cover patch kit and patch any small holes or tears in your cover.

Keep it Taut

When rain water builds up on the surface of your pool cover, it can start slipping into the pool. If your cover has slipped, pull it back up onto the deck and remove any wrinkles. Then, replace the cover and check the tension to make sure it’s taut.

Maintain the Water Level

If the water level under your pool cover drops, there won’t be anything to support the cover. Monitor the water level in your pool regularly and add water if the level has dropped during the winter. If your water level has dropped significantly, it could mean you have a leak in your pool or that you’re pumping out pool water with your cover pump.

Keep it Dry

When your pool cover is covered by a couple inches of water, it can put stress on the seams. Stress will cause small holes that can let contaminants into your pool water. A dry pool cover will also attract fewer worms and birds.

By using these tips to keep your pool cover in good shape you’ll avoid damage and replacements. You’ll also keep your pool clean and protected all winter. So take good care of your pool cover and you’ll be guarding your pool investment from anything that might happen while it’s closed.


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