Can Patio Furniture Get Wet? (And What To Do If It Does)

Can Patio Furniture Get Wet? (And What To Do If It Does)

As the weather warms up, you may be getting ready to take your patio furniture out of the garden shed. But what if an unexpected spring rain hits after you’ve set it up in your backyard? Can patio furniture get wet? What should you do if it does?

Making sure to care for your patio furniture will ensure long lasting enjoyment and many perfect afternoons to enjoy. As your furniture becomes exposed to the weather, you may wonder how to best care for it. While patio furniture is designed to take on outdoor elements, there’s still a level of care that goes into protecting them from the weather. Here’s what to do if your patio furniture gets wet in a Kansas spring rain.

Outdoor Furniture Treatment

Caring for your patio furniture begins long before the rain even comes. One way to do so is by applying a protective treatment to your outdoor furniture.

For furniture cushions, applying a protectant will help repel rain water and aid in drying. For wood furniture, a furniture oil or sealant will help prevent your furniture from fading or forming small cracks.

If you’d like help with choosing products or when to apply them, we’d be happy to recommend some of our favorites at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool. Give us a call anytime! 

Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Covered

Patio Cover 

Another form of patio furniture care is to have a permanent patio cover over your furniture. This may be a deck, pergola, or patio awning to name a few. When your furniture is under a patio covering like these, it receives excellent protection from the elements including rain, intense sun, and even falling debris like leaves.

Outdoor Furniture Covers

If you don’t have a deck or awning in your backyard, don’t worry! Outdoor furniture covers are a great option as well! These types of covers are designed to fit on each piece of outdoor furniture to keep the rain and other elements off. Then, the next time you use your patio furniture, simply remove the covers and enjoy. Outdoor furniture covers come in nearly every shape to fit just what you have. Our team at Energy-Center Manhattan pool can help you find the covers that will fit your patio furniture. 

After It Rains

If it rains before you get a chance to cover or move your patio furniture someplace dry, there are a few steps you can take as well.

First, wipe down any places with puddled water. Then, make sure to allow every spot of your furniture to get fresh air and sunshine. This may mean flipping over cushions or opening the umbrella if you have one. Making sure everything fully dries is important to prevent mold or mildew from growing.


At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we sell only the highest quality patio furniture. This means with minimal patio furniture care, you will have long lasting enjoyment! If you’d like to learn more about our outdoor furniture line as well as more on how to care for them, contact us today! Come find your gathering place with Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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