Can I Use My Sauna in the Summer?

Can I Use My Sauna in the Summer?

Saunas have a wide variety of amazing health and wellness benefits. For people who are relatively new to saunas, they often ask, “Can I use my sauna in the summer?” It’s a popular misconception that saunas are only for the colder months. In fact, saunas are great to use any time of year! Even on hot summer days, your sauna still offers the same amazing benefits. Here are some reasons why you should use your sauna even in the summer:

Health Benefits

Saunas can help you lose weight, burn calories, improve your cardiovascular health and lung function and much more. Sitting in a sauna every day not only makes you feel great, relaxes your muscles, and relieves stress, it also has long lasting health benefits that may help extend your life.

Adjust to the Summer Heat

Using your sauna before going outside on a hot day can help your body adjust to the heat, making those blazing summer days more manageable.

Try a Cold Shower After

Bathing in your sauna is even better when you take a cold shower afterward. The cold water cools your body temperature down and gives your system a “shock” that is said to be good for your health. You can also jump in a cold lake or pond for an even more fun way to cool down!

Get a Mood Boost

Sitting in a sauna will release endorphins, enhancing your mood and energy while allowing you to sleep better. 

Better Skin

Using a sauna will improve your circulation, removing dead skin cells, relaxing facial tension, detoxifying bacteria, and improving skin elasticity. With a sauna, you can really get that summer glow to look great at your next pool party.

Boost Your Immune System

Nobody likes getting a summer cold. Fortunately, regular sauna use will boost your immune system making it easier for you to fight off colds and viruses any time of the year.


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