3 Expert Pool Opening Tips

3 Expert Pool Opening Tips

That’s right. Spring has sprung, April showers are bringing May flowers. And it is finally time to open up your pool for the season. Whether this is your first time opening your pool or you’re a seasoned pro, it is always good to have a refresher. Here are our 3 expert pool opening tips.

1. Freshen things up

Before you get started, you will want to freshen things up around your pool. If you have any greenery around your pool, make sure it’s trimmed up. There’s nothing more annoying than leaves in your pool (except maybe bugs). Then, you’ll want to make sure you get any debris and water off of your pool cover so you can safely remove it. If you’d like, you could even let your pool cover dry for 24 hours after cleaning it to ensure all of the water dries up.

2. Make sure everything is in shape

Once things are nice and clean, you’ll want to make sure everything is in shape. Check your equipment to make sure nothing is broken. You don’t want to get all ready to open your pool and not be able to! While you’re at it, make sure you have all of your chemicals in stock and check the expiration dates. By checking all of this at once, you can make any necessary calls for maintenance and make a run to Energy Center-Manhattan Pool to restock your chemicals. And, if you don’t have any, you will also want to buy BioGuard® Pool Opening Complete for when you first open your pool. This way, you will have everything you need before you actually get started.

3. Carefully open your pool

When you’re opening your pool, start with topping off the water. Once it’s full, remove the winterizing plugs if you haven’t already and put the regular plugs back in. Then, reconnect your pumps and get them started back up. Next, you can begin to add chemicals. Start with your Pool Opening Complete to get the water nice and clear. Now you can balance your pool like you normally would and shock if necessary. Once your pool is balanced, check and see if there are any remaining debris you need to collect. After you clean everything up and let your filtration system do its work for at least 24 hours, your pool is ready to open!

Get some help from the experts

While opening your pool is not nearly as complicated as winterizing it, it can take a little time, especially if it is your first ever pool opening experience. If our 3 expert pool opening tips are overwhelming or you just would rather not open your pool yourself, let the experts help! At Energy Center-Manhattan Pool, we have a team of highly-trained technicians who are ready to help you open your pool. As a locally owned business that has been servicing our community for 20 years, our team knows exactly how to take care of your pool. For more information or to schedule servicing, give us a call or contact us online today. Come Find Your Gathering Place at Energy Center-Manhattan Pool.

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